Faculty-led Programming

We also welcome discussions on developing faculty-led programs in conjunction with our summer program.

Conditions for faculty-led program discussions:
1 Students participating in faculty-led programs should pay program tuition and fees to Dankook University
  • We cannot invite students under our exchange agreements if students are attending under a faculty-led program.
  • We may consider some of the group as exchange students in addition to fee-paying students
2 A minimum of 8 participating students are needed for DKU to offer the leading professor's course(s)
3 Dankook University will provide teaching facilities, such as classroom(s), a TA, common work office for professors, office supplies, etc.
4 In a case where a university-wide MOU does not exist between the two universities, a separate agreement will be needed for faculty-led program purposes.

* Please contact Tim Kaiser () to discuss details.